"I don't want an arbitrary timeline. ... I support going to the Iraqi government and letting them decide what that timeline is going to be." Jason Altmire, CQ Interview 8/21/06

Altmire voted for the Pelosi-Murtha slow-bleed strategy to choke-off funding for the troops in harm's way. (House Roll Call 186)

By voting yes, Altmire broke his campaign pledge and voted for a date-certain for retreat and defeat in Iraq. He also voted to hamstring the mission by allowing Congress to micromanage the war.

Ignoring widespread criticism from the American Legion and major news publications from across the country, Altmire made it clear that he believes politicians in Washington can better execute the military's mission than the commanders on the ground.
The bill he supported had been labeled "something of a trick" and an "unruly mess: bad policy, bad precedent, and bad politics" by news publications typically allied with the House Democrat agenda.

The Clear Cut Evidence

Lack of Fiscal Discipline

If elected, Altmire promised spending restraint and a committment to fiscal discipline.
Once elected, Altmire voted for a $124 billion supplemental spending bill, "stuffed full of pork," according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a nonprofit, nonpartisan government watchdog group. (House Roll Call 186)
Altmire also voted against a motion that was intended to cut unidentified earmarks. (Roll Call Vote 71)
Flip-Flopped on Tax Hikes

Altmire "Supports tax limitation constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 supermajority to raise taxes." (NTU Candidate Survey)
Voted to raid the wallets of the middle class, saddling taxpayers with a $400 billion tax hike -- the largest tax increase in American history. Voted to reinstate the marriage penalty, resurrect the death tax, and eliminate the child tax credit. (House Roll Call 212)
Altmire broke his campaign pledge and voted AGAINST a 2/3 supermajority requirement for tax increases, making it easier to impose massive tax hikes on the American people.(House Roll Call 4)

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Altmire voted to defy military commanders on the ground and ration funds for the troops in harm's way. Altmire's vote allowed for a two month funding allowance that would accelerate the Democrat slow-bleed strategy. (House Roll Call 333)

Altmire voted to pave the way for one of the largest tax hikes in American history. (House Roll Call 377)

Disregarding an important component of the Civil Rights Act, Jason Altmire voted against legislation that would fully protect the rights of faith-based organizations that administer Head Start programs. (House Roll Call 284)
Altmire voted to turn over United States homeland security protections to the United Nations. (House Roll Call 14)

Altmire voted against a measure that would have eliminated taxpayer-funded small business grants for convicted felons including sex offenders, kidnappers and others. (House Roll Call 224)

Altmire voted against the interests of America's small business and their ability to create jobs and provide affordable health care to their workers. (House Roll Call 17)

Altmire voted for $6.5 billion in new taxes on American energy producers, voted for higher energy prices for American consumers, voted to stifle domestic energy production and voted to increase America's dependence on foreign sources of energy. (House Roll Call 40)

Altmire voted to allow convicted felons to receive student loan benefits. (House Roll Call 29)

Altmire voted against increasing college access and affordability for middle- to low-income students, against providing greater resources for Pell Grants, and against deficit reduction on behalf of taxpayers. (House Roll Call 31)

By voting for the Democrats $124 billion supplemental spending bill, Altmire voted for legislation "stuffed full of pork," according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a nonprofit, nonpartisan government watchdog group. (House Roll Call 186)

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Call Jason and ask him why he votes for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's liberal agenda 96% of the time and not with the voters of Pennsylvania.

Do-Nada Nancy

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